Danbury Elementary School

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Danbury School is located in southern California about thirty miles east of Los Angeles. Nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and the city of Claremont, Danbury School is within walking distance of the seven Claremont Colleges. Danbury is home to between 70 and 80 preschool through sixth grade students who have physical disabilities and/or health impairments. Danbury School has established clear expectations for academics and behavior that emphasize the value of learning and the importance of treating others with respect, dignity and developing a greater appreciation for ourselves. These expectations are reflected in all school programs, policies, and procedures. Positive behavior, contributions and accomplishments of all students and staff are recognized and rewarded both personally and publicly. Student groups (Student Council, STAR students) meet regularly to foster personal and social skills development.


The unique relationship between Danbury (Special Education) School and Sumner Elementary School has resulted in both schools benefiting from our students' daily interactions with each other. Our school's theme, TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is reinforced campus wide to strengthen our philosophical commitment to cooperation. Project Wisdom helps our students develop sound character and understand the responsibilities that go along with living in a democracy. Through weekly discussions and activities that focus on the 'Word of the Month' students develop an understanding of the essential skills of knowing and managing emotions, showing ethical and social responsibility, respecting others, appreciating diversity, building relationships, and cooperating. Monthly literature selections reinforce the theme throughout all classrooms. Parents receive three different school/PFA newsletters to provide a school to home link on a weekly basis.